The target, designing a PET bottle for sparkling wine, was to have a packaging that can fully replace the traditional glass version, starting from consumer experience to the filling and packing on an existing bottling line for glass. 


SIPA now presents the first PET bottle in the world for sparkling wine. The company’s Packaging Development Team has developed a product that is perfect for replacing traditional glass bottles, capable of running on existing filling lines.
A key part of the SIPA innovation is the bottle neck, which looks just like the glass version, meaning that it accepts the classical mushroom-shaped cork with its metal cage. The base also looks the same as the original. The design provides a top-load resistance of 3500N.


Advantages and & Packaging Features

This PET packaging gives the following advantages:

  • Availability of the bottles compared to shortage of glass bottles
  • Lower price/bottle compared to the raising cost of glass
  • Low weight of the bottle: max 90 g compared to 720/750 g of a glass bottle
  • Comparable consumer experience from uncorking to pouring
  • Unbreackable packaging: facilitated logistic also in case of e-commerce
  • Dramatic saving on production cost due to the high cost of energy
  • Lower impact on Co2 emission due to a more efficient logisti

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