Oval containers for home care


The target was to replace other plastic containers with more modern, eye-catching design and lighter, more flexible PET containers. Higher
productivity, lower raw-material cost, better neck-finish definition, better safety are some other advantages of using PET. Detergents may be in any form: liquid, powder, paste, bar, cake, moulded piece, shape etc. and they are composed of core components such as: surfactants, chelants and buffer; performance additives such as bleach, polymer and enzymes and ingredients such as perfume and brighteners. In fact some of the performance additives and aesthetic ingredients are sensible to UV light and need to be protected.


The new PET bottles are transparent allowing the consumer to see the content. For this reason UVbarrier additives need to be added in order to protect the detergent from color variations. In some cases even the trigger cap was to be applied.


Advantages and & Packaging Features

This PET packaging gives the following advantages:

• Different design available with respect to HDPE,PP, PVC containers;
• Transparent, no opalescence as HDPE or PP;
• Clearness, brightening as glass;
• Brilliant colors: clear or easy to be colored with additives;
• Unbreakable, drop resistant;
• Good resistance to chemicals;
• Safer, good sealing;
• ECS SP, SFL or also XTRA are SIPA available machines for this application.

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